Venture capital for component electronics and photonics.

Investing early in those seeking to unlock $1B+ potential in the electronics, photonics, and component industry.

Investing with conviction.

BlueSky Capital is an independently controlled, returns-driven venture capital firm. Since 2017, we’ve provided investment capital and strategic partnerships to help founders get from concept to product-market fit, then scale to unlock their full potential.

We invest in companies who are making advances in the component technology and hardware space, with a focus on post-silicon materials, material science, additive manufacturing tech, and sensors. We have deep ties to Samtec Electronics, a global manufacturer of electronic interconnects, that gives us a strategic advantage – the ability to leverage partnerships and industry expertise, move quickly, and invest with conviction.

Our founders and their companies are building the foundation for technologies of the future.



Meet the dedicated team.

For each investment opportunity, Madison assembles a team of technical resources from Samtec with experience in the relevant technologies to provide strategic input, drawn from our Samtec and industry relationships.


Prior to BlueSkyX, Madison began his career at Samtec Inc., a global electronics manufacturer. While early in his career at Samtec, Madison began working on a startup, Mavizon, and ultimately received venture funding from the owner of Samtec. Mavizon was incubated at Samtec where the team could leverage manufacturing and engineering resources.

The company ceased operations in 2013 and Madison went to work for BlueSky Network (the family office of the owners of Samtec). In 2017 Madison launched BlueSky Capital (now under BlueSkyX), a dedicated venture fund for the family office.He lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife and three daughters. He received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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